Worley and The Mink' is a tale told in the June Alley Inn story telling competition of 1154. It was told by the mouse Wyatt.


In the lost town of Walnutpeck, everyone is plagued with cowardice except for Worley, who is a stubborn banker has led a successful and profitable life. One spring, Worley goes to Wolfpointe to reclaim some goods a tradesmouse had stolen from him after he'd lent that mouse some money. The local mice of Wolfpointe were not obliged to help him. Then a lady mouse brings grave news that her daughter was taken away by the notorious mink Rakepaw. Rakepaw is cunning and stealthy and no mouse dares stand up to him. Undeterred, Worley enacts a plan. Using some materials from his stolen goods, he sets several traps. Those traps of course don't work, but Worley has laid an important trap that covered Rakepaw's feet with blueberry pulp, leaving a clear trail of footprints for Worley to follow to his lair. Worley lures the mink out of the lair, causing a sack of blueberry pulp to splatter in his eyes, blinding him. Taking advantage of this, Worley climbs a tree and strikes a lethal blow to Rakepaw's forehead. He proceeds to release the captive mouse from her cage and return her to Wolfpointe, where he is hailed for his rescue. Despite losing his goods, Worley earns the respect of the lady mouse, who gladly travels with him.


Legends of the Guard Volume 1

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