Hey there peoples.

I thought of a new idea for the Character Biographies. It would mean a bit of work but I reckon it would serve our growing Wiki better. Moving along, for this idea we would replace timline events with more interesting names. For example, instead of having boring "Fall 1152 History" we could use a more exciting name such as "Midnight's Rebellion". Others would include

Life before joining the Mouse Guard = Early Life

Fall 1152 = Midnight's Rebellion

Winter 1152 = Food Shortages in the Territories

Anything that happens after Winter 1152 (e.g. Spring Booklet) = Later life

The Black Axe = Quest for the Black Axe

Winter War = War with the Weasels

Wise Weaver = The Tale of the Wise Weaver

If anyone has any better ideas I'd be really glad to hear them. An example can be seen on the Kenzie page. Sayonara, Celanawe ;)

P.S. Also I've added another section called "Personality and Equipment", which can be once again seen on the Kenzie page.