Hello readers/editors of the Mouse Guard Wiki. I hope you have all had an awesome Christmas break and you had a great time with your family and friends.

To get the ball rolling on this post, I'd first like to wish you all the best of luck for whatever goals to intend to achieve in the coming year. In terms of this wiki's goals, I'd like to announce some things that we need in order for our project to grow. So without further ado, I give you... a boring list of bullet points! ;D

  • Editors. The first thing a wiki needs is editors... and at the moment, I'm afraid to say it's really just me making edits. I also know that we have a decent number of people reading articles and making the odd edit now and then. While this is good, I'd encourage these people to make more edits, and more regularly, to contribute to this community project. If you are afraid of how to edit an article, just ask me: I don't bite, honest!
  • Images. After a year of experimentation, I've finally settled on the way I want images to be presented. For characters, I'd preferably want rendered images as opposed to profile pictures with a background. I understand that this can be hard to do, both with not having full character pictures readily available on the net, and people not owning Photoshop (or other programs like this). Therefore, I'm more than happy to provide pictures by myself, but I do ask that if you happen across a good character image on the internet, that you let me know about it so i can get it rendered with quality and put into an article. Now, if it is not possible to render a picture without the whole of the character's body in the picture, all you need to do is tidy up the image and place a neat, black border around the edge.
  • 2012 Goals
    • At least 3 "full-time" editors by the end of the year.
    • All character articles completed with as many rendered images in the info boxes as possible.
    • A decent start on the timeline articles. E.g., all Fall 1152 timeline articles completed to a good standard.

And... that's all from me, folks. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays, and that you can help me make this wiki into something special this year.

Until next time, Celanawe.