"you are my pain! you are my anger!YOU ARE THE BLACK AXE!!!

Master Of The Forge

Hello wiki contributers, I am farrer, master of the forge. My real name is Noah and ever since I found fall of 1152 at my library,I was hooked on mouse guard, but because of the amount of time between fall 1152 and winter 1152's hardcover realese, and my lack of understanding that there were bio monthly comic isues, I slowly begain to create a character of my own. As time passed my character became an alter version of farrer, one who did not know death. I hold david's character in my highest respects and i am in no way trying to steal. I hold farrer in my highest regards, and the world of the guard. I am a huge fan of the series and look forward to the black axe hardcover to see if my hypothosis of farrer's lineage was correct.

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Farrer
  • June Alley Inn
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