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Year: 1152
Season: Fall
Historical Information
Location: Barkstone, Open Country
Participants: Kenzie, Saxon, Lieam, Gwendolyn, Midnight, Grain Peddler
"Our missing mouse was a traitor... And I want to find out who he was giving our secrets to."
Kenzie, Fall 1152

The Lockhaven Conspiracy was an event that occured during the Fall of 1152, when a large group of mice known only as the "Axe" secretly plotted against the Mouse Guard. Thanks to a group of Guardmice consisting of Kenzie, Saxon and Lieam, the plot was uncovered and an investigation began.

Concurrently, another Guardmouse named Sadie also stumbled upon the conspiracy, when sent on a separate mission to Calogero.


Search for the peddlerEdit


The merchant's abandoned cart

"We need to find this missing mouse... Seems he never arrived at his destination."
―Kenzie, Fall 1152
During the Fall of 1152, the three Guardmice Kenzie, Saxon and Lieam were dispatched by the Guard's matriarch Gwendolyn on a mission to investigate the disappearance of a missing grain peddler who had become lost somewhere between Rootwallow and Barkstone. After hours of fruitless searching, Kenzie used his initiative and sent Lieam up a nearby tree to scout the land ahead. Reaching this vantage point, the young Guardmouse soon spotted an overturned cart lodged between the roots of a tree.
The three mice moved briskly towards the abandoned cart, and searched the grain that was left inside for clues. Upon finding a folded piece of parchment hidden inside, the group's Patrol Leader Kenzie privately opened it and read what was inside. A map of Lockhaven, the likes of which were not allowed outside the great citadel's walls was what he discovered. Realising that the merchant mouse was likely a traitor, Kenzie wisely kept the map from the others; believing that if Saxon found out about it he would likely kill the traitor mouse on sight. With night soon approaching, the group decided to temporarily pause their search and make camp beneath the cart, leaving Lieam to watch throughout the night.
The following morning, Lieam awoke to find his fellow Guardmice missing. Making a quick scout of the area, he soon found two more experienced mice a way from the cart. Kenzie explained that Saxon had discovered a trail of the missing merchant's grain leading to a large pit in the ground. Before the three could investigate further, however, a full sized snake erupted from the underbrush and violently confronted the trio. With a wide swipe from his sword, Saxon dismembered the beast's right fang completely from its mouth, while Kenzie held it back with his staff. Realising they couldn't hold the enraged beast back for much longer, Kenzie signalled a retreat and the Guardmice escaped the serpent by climbing in a hollow in a nearby tree.

What we fight forEdit


Lieam peers out at the snake from his hiding spot.

"It matters not what you fight but what you fight for."
―Kenzie quotes the Guard's motto, Fall 1152
Once inside the tree, Kenzie proposed his plan to stay hidden in the tree until the snake had disappeared. Saxon bitterly moaned to the others about how they could have killed it then and there.

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