There is but one way to look into another's heart. And but one way to test your own. - Tristram, Fall 1154 [1]

Tristram was a male mouse and a member of Mouse Guard. He spent the majority of his early career as a Guardmouse patrolling the northern settlements, but moved south after his heart was broken. During the June Alley Inn Storytelling Competition of 1154, Tristram shared a story from those patrols with the mice of Barkstone.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Life in the Far North[edit | edit source]

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During Tristram's patrols amongst the northern settlements, he became fond of a young noblemouse from Thistledown. For many years, Tristram loved her, but dared not display his affection for her openly; instead wishing in vain that he could learn the secrets of her heart. It was only after several years of waiting that Tristram learned of her betrothal to another, and wasted not a moment more on his hopeless folly.
At one point during his patrols, Tristram dared a journey through a particularly dangerous valley during the storm season, believing that his "friend", fortune, would grant him safe passage. Hastening his journey through the valley, the young Guardmouse quickly became lost.
Proceeding onwards, Tristram stumbled across a bat - though he shortly recovered from his shock, spotting the beast's broken wing. Hesitantly striking a bargain, Tristram promised the bat that he would guide the crippled animal back to its companions, if it would in turn show him safe passage out of the black labyrinth.

Tristram is startled by the injured bat.

Hoisting the bat over his shoulder, Tristram carried on through the valley, following the directions of the crippled animal. Growing tired of both its weight and stench, Tristram occupied his mind by questioning the bat on its ability to fly. After explaining the terrifying prospect of its first flight to Tristram, the bat was curious to find out what had brought Tristram out in such dangerous weather.
And so the Guardmouse told the bat of the noblemouse's daughter of Thistledown, and how - after learning of her betrothal - he had fled from the northern reaches of the Mouse Territories, and thus become lost in the valley. It was there that Tristram first learned of fortune's fickleness, and how trusting the hearts of others was more important than relying merely on heartless fortune.
Reaching the bat's lair, Tristram returned the beast to its comrades, and made it safely out of the valley.

June Alley Inn Storytelling Competition of 1154[edit | edit source]

"...and while I owe little here, I too would like to speak of service and history..."
―Tristram, Fall 1154
Tristram was present at the first ever June Alley Inn Storytelling Competition, in which he shared with the other patrons the experience he had with the bat in the valley. He went to bed shortly after, claiming that he needed to rise early the following morning for a patrol to Sprucetuck.

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