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  • Four seasons after beginning his quest, Celanawe returns to the Territories. He travels to Shorestone and inherits the title of "The Black Axe."
  • Matriarch Bronwyn is killed by a stray wolf. She is succeeded by Elanore.





  • Battle of Lockhaven - Midnight's Army arrived at Lockhaven's gates and the battle for the Territories began. After many casualties on both sides, the Axe Army was defeated and the traitor himself banished beyond the Scent Border.


  • Journeys for supplies - After the tragic events of the previous Fall, Gwendolyn sent groups of her mice to acquire food and medicine from the settlements of the Territories. After encountering problems with both the wildlife and weather, Kenzie's group was split up and forced to find separate routes back to Lockhaven.

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