The Shrike and The Toad was a tale told in the June Alley Inn story telling competition of 1154. It was told by the mouse Caitlin.


Two guard mice Sasha and Max find themselves attacked by a flock of shrikes as they cross a field and take cover behind some rocks. One shrike gets dangerously close to Sasha. She swipes at the bird with the flat end of her blade, knocking it out. The unconscious shrike attracts the attention of a nearby toad. Max has a brainwave. Using their cloaks, the two mice tie the toad to the bird's feet and hold to the sides of the makeshift bonds. The toad hops taking the mice and the shrike with it. Soon the shrike awakened. Despite the added weight, it was able to take off across the field. Max and Sasha let go of the toad and landed near the treeline, safe from the shrikes at the cost of their cloaks. The one shrike however continued to fly, taking the toad with it. The toad shouted all sorts of insults about mice as the shrike flew into the sunset.


Legends of the Guard Volume 1

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