The Battle of the Hawk's Mouse and the Fox's Mouse is the first tale told in the June Alley Inn Storytelling competition in Legends of the Guard Volume 1. It is told by the mouse Nigel and depicts a story of the way the mice survived in the old days and how the Mouse Guard was formed.

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The fox, art by Jeremy Bastian.

This story illustrates the tale of the two mice, Faulknir and Silfano. Back in their time, "It was common that all creatures employed mouse protectors, for it was well learned that no animal was as cunning, as courageous, as a mouse."
The mouse Faulknir served a hawk and the mouse Silfano served a fox, both of which lived in a field. The hawk was jealous of the foxs' land, so he sent out his servant, Faulknir, to deal with the fox. However, the fox learned of the hawk's plan and sent his own servant, Silfano to kill Faulknir and then to find the hawk and " to him what he intended for me."
Silfano ambushed Faulknir in the middle of the field, and when Faulknir discovered that the purpose of his mission was discovered, he attacked back. Both rivals were so accomplished in the art of combat, that neither could gain the advantage. Soon, however, Silfano accidentally stood on a thorn protruding from the ground, and while his opponent was distracted Faulknir struck.
As Faulknir prepared to finish Silfano off with a mortal blow, Faulknir's wife Feruin and Silfano's son Sefatus ran forward from the crowd that had gathered, and Feruin exclaimed; "Stop! No more! Dear husband, cannot you see? You mustn't do this. Mouse cannot kill mouse..... Why do we need them? What of our own? What of this pup? Why must his father die?"
The hawk had been watching and didn't like what he heard. He flew down, but as he prepared to kill Feruin, Faulknir ran forward and struck the hawk a single, deadly blow: the words Feruin had spoken had burned in his mind, and seeing her threatened had burned in his mind like fire. The fox had also been watching, and thought, "If one mouse could deal death to a foe as mighty as the hawk with only a single strike, what feat could be achieved with a combined effort?" He left the field and was never seen there again.
After Silfano had recovered from his injury, Feruin made both him and Faulknir cloaks, and together, the three formed the mighty group known as the Mouse Guard (Feruin as the first matriarch), sworn to protect all common mice from danger.[1]


  • The story is both written and drawn by Jeremy Bastian, the creator of the comic, "Cursed Pirate Girl."

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