Snakes are a species of reptile found throughout the Mouse Territories. Snakes are a great danger to mousekind, the the Guard are often relied on to keep these monsters at bay.[1]


Garter snakesEdit

The most common snake in the Mouse Territories is the Garter Snake. It's slender and about 5-mice long. Though not venomous, this snake does hunt and kill insects, squirrels and mice.

Milk snakesEdit

Milk snakes are terrifying predators. They strike from ambush with their bite while rattling their tail. Their tail is not venomous, however. It is only used to grasp hold of its prey so the snake can wrap its coils around its victim and squeeze it to death. Milk Snakes hide in deep burrows during the winter, but during the rest of the year, they can be found hunting mice, newts and birds.

Pine snakesEdit

Pine snakes are non-venomous constrictors that prefer to eat mice and birds. They are excellent climbers and have an appearance and manner similar to that of a rattlesnake.


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