Skunks are yet another stubborn scavenger who prowls the forests surrounding the Territories. The scientists of Sprucetuck do their best to mix the concoction for the scent border to keep these creatures out, but their formulas are rarely entirely successful. Solitary skunks can be found wandering the Territories at all times of year, but especially in early spring when forage is scarce elsewhere and the scent border is at its weakest.

These waddling, obtuse creatures seem more of a nuisance than anything else, but they are dangerous to mice — they eat them! In addition, the skunk’s spray is potent enough to make a mouse violently ill.[1]

Known SkunksEdit

In the story Good Coin in Legends of the Guard Volume Three, there is a skunk sailor who tells a mouse that the coins in got from a stoat are rocks painted gold and won't buy him passage on his ship.

References and CitationsEdit

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