A blind hermit mouse who lives in the open country between mouse settlements as an insectrist.
Current: Open country
Past: Unknown
Gender: Male
Fur: Grey-brown
Profession: Entomologist
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Book Appearances
Living: Legends of the Guard Volume Three
Dead: N/A

Silas is a male mouse who lives as a hermit. He is blind, but hears and finds much along his way. Where he goes, his centipede comes with him, perched on his left shoulder. In fact he can communicate with insects, hence his profession. During the June Alley Inn Storytelling Competition of Spring 1155, he mistakenly thinks Meeka is declaring Israel's story a winner. Later he tells his own tale about a drunken mouse, who survives getting eaten by an eel, then finds his purpose and a place with the Guardmice.

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