Current: Mouse Guard
Past: Sprucetuck
Gender: Female
Fur: Golden brown
Profession: Guardmouse
Family: Unknown
Friends: Aubrey, Delvin, Bastian
Book Appearances
Living: Winter 1152
Dead: N/A

Sienna was a female mouse and a member of the Mouse Guard. Hailing from the western mouse settlement of Sprucetuck, Sienna became fascinated with the science of blending raw items together to improve their quality as finished goods.[1]

Since 1142, Sienna has been a patrol leader mainly leading groups through the northern settlements of the Territories. She wields her mace with graceful ease and is adept at finding quick, safe and sure paths even in unknown wilds.


Life as a GuardmouseEdit

When Sienna grew up, she left her hometown of Sprucetuck and joined the Guard, seeking a life of adventure and service. During 1152's winter, Sienna assisted a small patrol of Guardmice, consisting of Aubrey, Delvin and Bastian, on their journey to secure supplies from Elmwood, Whitepine, Dawnrock, Thistledown and Wildseed.[2]
The following spring, Sienna was requested to gather honey from the Lockhaven hives alongside her fellow Guard member Saxon, under the Apiary keeper's guidance.[3]


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