Sienna assists with the harvesting of honey from the Lockhaven beehives.

Sienna was a female mouse and a member of the Mouse Guard.

Sienna was born in the western mouse settlement of Sprucetuck, where mice pursue the sciences of medicine, harvest, pest control, and metallurgy. At a young age Sienna developed a fascination with the science of blending raw items together to improve their quality as finished goods.[1]

Sienna joined the Mouse Guard and from 1142 served as a patrol leader. She spent much of her service leading groups between the northern settlements of the Territories. Sienna was adept at finding quick, safe and sure paths even in unknown wilds.[1]

In the winter of 1152, Sienna led a small patrol of Guardmice comprising Aubrey, Delvin and Bastian on a journey to secure supplies from Elmwood, Whitepine, Dawnrock, Thistledown and Wildseed.[2]

During the spring of 1153, Sienna assisted Saxon to gather honey from the Lockhaven beehives, under the guidance of the apiary keeper.[3]


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