Shorestone is a city that is southeast of Lockhaven. It is known for its highly skilled craftsmice. Stonemasonry, metal smithing, mathematics, and carpentry are the cornerstone trades of the sprawling city.[1]

Features Edit

Exterior Edit

Shorestone's entrance is exposed while the bulk of the city is carved into a large rock, much like Lockhaven. The facade is an impressive demonstration of its stonemason's skills, with an arched entryway and two teal domes on its sides.

Interior Edit

Inside of the city there is an arched gallery that displays the various guilds. Colorful banners hang in the upper levels, displaying the city's history. The front of the city contains the commercial center while the residential area lies further in.

The Haven Guild Room Edit

Beneath the Shorestone Archive there is a room in honor of the four most celebrated craftsmice in history: Omarr the mathematician, Farrer the smith, Thurston the mason, and Locke the carpenter.

The Secretive Haven Guild passes down their techniques and protects their artifacts.

References Edit

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