A Guardmouse patrol leader stationed to protect Barkstone, Pebblebrook and Windselm
Current: Barkstone, Pebblebrook, Windselm
Past: Lockhaven
Gender: Male
Fur: Light brown
Profession: Patrol Leader
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Book Appearances
Living: Legends of the Guard Volume Three
Dead: N/A

Sextus is a male mouse who leads patrols of Guardmice around Barkstone, Pebblebrook and Windselm. During the June Alley Inn Storytelling Competition of Spring 1155, he shares a tale about his encounter with a dying crow, which took place on his first patrol years before The Weasel War of 1149. Sympathetic for the fallen bird, Sextus keeps him company till his life drains away, then proceeds to give him a proper burial. Sextus has a number of debts for which he cannot pay his bills at the June Alley Inn, so Bedwyn decides to pay it for him.

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