Scent Border
Description: The Scent Border isn't an actual geographical feature; it's more of a territorial marking placed around the edge of the Mouse Territories manufactured by the mice in order to ward off predators. Many mice don't even know of the Scent Border's existence, and only a few living mice have ever gone beyond its boundaries. With the help of the scientists at Sprucetuck, the Scent Border is repoured at least twice a year. This is one of the most vital duties of the Mouse Guard, therefore its execution is placed into the paws of only the most trusted patrols.
Area: Border between the Mouse Territories and Open Country.
Citizens: N/A


Fall 1152Edit

At the end of Fall 1152, the leader of The Axe army, Midnight, was banished past the scent border as punishment for the crime of rebelling against the Mouse Guard.

Spring 1153Edit

In the Spring of 1153, the Guardmice Elymis, Vinson and Aeren are seen repouring the scent border with the concoction made by the scientists at Sprucetuck


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