Current: Mouse Guard
Past: Unknown
Gender: Male
Fur: Brown
Profession: Guardmouse
Family: Gill - Father, Anne - Mother, Gwendolyn - Betrothed (as of Winter 1152)
Friends: Loukas, Kenzie, Sadie, Lieam
Book Appearances
Living: Fall 1152, Winter 1152, Spring 1153, The Tale of Baldwin the Brave
Dead: N/A

"The best solution is always found at the point of my sword."
―Saxon's belief [1]

Saxon (1124 - unknown) was a male mouse, a member of the Mouse Guard and one of the most accomplished swordsmice the Guard ever inducted.

Saxon was notorious amongst his fellow Guardmice for his fiery will and stubborn nature. A firm believer in solving problems with the sharp end of his sword, he preferred to enter open combat with an enemy, rather than negotiate or flee. Saxon's experience as a Guardmouse allowed him the possibility of being promoted to the rank of Patrol Leader; an offer which he declined, choosing instead to remain as a Patrol Guard under the leadership of his good friend Kenzie.[2]

Following his second return from Darkheather during the winter of 1152, Saxon successfully proposed to the Guard's matriarch Gwendolyn.


Early LifeEdit

"Mind your haste, Saxon. It betrays your thoughts..."
―Loukas, Saxon's mentor, teaches Saxon a lesson in a sparring match [3]
Saxon was born in the year 1124, to Gill and Anne of the southern mouse-settlement of Flintrust. As a child, Saxon was obsessed with fighting and often carried with him a wooden sword; which he practised with to hone his skills as a fighter.

Saxon and his mentor Loukas engage in a practice battle.

At the age of seven, Saxon attended a puppet show in the nearby town of Oakgrove with his father. The show, The Tale of Baldwin the Brave, demonstrated to Saxon how a mouse could use confidence and skill with a weapon to win a wife and fend off predators. Saxon took the lesson to heart, and joined the Guard at a later date. Under the tutelage of the Guardmouse Loukas, Saxon became one of the greatest swordsmice the Guard ever knew.[4]

Life as a GuardmouseEdit

Winter War of 1149Edit

During the Winter War of 1149, Saxon and his friend Kenzie enlisted the help of a promising young mouse named Lieam, and inducted him into the Guard as their Tenderpaw. Their efforts as mentors later paid off when Lieam was promoted to the rank of Guardmouse based on his service in the brutal fighting.

Lockhaven ConspiracyEdit

During the fall of 1152, Saxon - alongside his fellow Guardmice Kenzie and Lieam - was tasked by Gwendolyn to track down a missing merchant who had become lost on the road between Rootwallow and Barkstone. After finding only the missing mouse's cart, and with night approaching, the three elected to make camp and continue the search in the morning. Rising early, Saxon explored the immediate area around the cart, happening across a trail of grain.
Rising Kenzie, the two then followed the trail to a large ditch in the ground, at which point they were joined by Lieam. Before they could investigate further, however, the trio was ambushed by a full grown milk snake. Coming soon.

Battle of LockhavenEdit

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Winter shortages of 1152Edit

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Engagement to GwendolynEdit

Characteristics and personalityEdit

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