Sadie was a female mouse and a member of the Mouse Guard.

Sadie spent much of her early career patrolling the northern shore alone. In the fall of 1152, she played a prominent role in uncovering and resisting the attempted coup d'état by Midnight, a former Guardmouse.


Early LifeEdit

Sadie was born in 1126, to Thane and Ilsa in the north-eastern settlement of Port Sumac.[1] During her childhood Sadie spent much of her time boating and growing used to life on the shoreline — developing skills which would later become useful during her career with the Mouse Guard.[2]

At age fourteen, Thane told Sadie the tale of how he and Ilsa were engaged, emphasising the importance of love.[1]

Joining the Mouse GuardEdit

Sadie joined the Mouse Guard in an unknown year. She was suited to independent missions and was therefore stationed by herself at Frostic, entrusted with patrolling the Northern Shore. While this was a lonely role, it was necessary to prevent predators from using the sea as an entry point into the Mouse Territories.[2]

In the winter of 1149, Sadie was reassigned to regular patrol.[2] At some point she became acquainted with Conrad.

Midnight's rebellionEdit

Sadie Calogero

Sadie arrives on the northern shoreline near Calogero during the fall of 1152.

During the fall of 1152, Gwendolyn assigned Sadie to travel to the outpost of Calogero to investigate why the Guardmouse stationed there, Conrad, had stopped communicating with Lockhaven.[3]

When she reached the area, Sadie first checked a hollow root where the Guard left mail for Conrad, and she noted how all the correspondence left for him was unread.[3]

She soon reached Calogero itself, which seemed to be abandoned. As she entered the front door, a mouse stepped out from the shadows behind her and held her captive, his fishing hook pressed against her neck. He ordered her to tell him who she was, and when Sadie identified herself as a Guardmouse the figure released her — and shortly passed out from inebriation.[3]

Sadie realised the unconscious mouse must be Conrad and so nursed him back to sobriety. She lit a fire in the hearth and cooked the pair some soup. When Conrad awoke, she explained he had been asleep for a number of hours. The two then ate their soup and Conrad told Sadie the reason for his lack of communication with Lockhaven.[3]

Sadie Soup

Sadie preparing soup for her and Conrad at Calogero during the fall of 1152.

Conrad had witnessed a plot unfold at Calogero. The Guardmouse had begun to suspect that someone was using Calogero as a meeting-place whilst he was not there. One day he hid himself in the outpost's rafters and waited. Two mice entered Calogero, one a grain peddler, the other an unknown blackfur. He listened to their conversation, and realised they were hatching a plan to attack Lockhaven — but he was unable to follow the mice when they left.[3]

Shocked, Sadie asked whether Conrad would accompany her back to Lockhaven so that he could inform Gwendolyn in person. Conrad agreed, and the pair resolved to depart at first light.[3]

But at dawn Calogero was surrounded by several crabs. The pair attempted to escape through the roof, but were spotted and a battle ensued. Sadie wounded one crab but she was then hurled from its claw to the edge of the reeds. Conrad launched himself onto a one of the large crustaceans, and by grabbing its eyes made an effective diversion. He told Sadie to flee to Lockhaven and protect take what she had learned to Lockhaven. Sadie reluctantly fled while Conrad continued to fight the crabs, ultimately to his death.[3]

Sadie made haste back to Lockhaven, and arrived just in time to alert Rand to lock the gates before Midnight — a Guardmouse and the blackfur whom Conrad had spoken of at Calogero — and his army could enter.[4]

Sadie and Rand then went to Gwendolyn's office, and advocated that the Matriarch flee the army which had broken through the rusted portcullis. But Gwendolyn refused to leave Lockhaven, telling Sadie they would fight for and defend all that was theirs.[5]

Midnight and his soldiers arrived at Gwendolyn's offices. A skirmish occurred, which Saxon, Kenzie, Lieam and Celanawe joined. Sadie helped the other Guard mice achieve victory during which she used her daggers to subdue some of Midnight's soldiers.[5]

Following the battle, Sadie asked Gwendolyn for permission to return to Calogero to retrieve Conrad's remains, but the Matriarch forbade that for the short-term, telling Sadie she required her assistance that winter.[6]

Winter of 1152Edit

In the winter of 1152, Lockhaven was low on food and medicine. Gwendolyn sent groups of Guardmice out to various mouse settlements to request the necessary supplies.[7]

Kenzie led a patrol comprising Sadie, Saxon, Lieam and Celanawe. The group arrived at Sprucetuck and negotiated provision of the necessary medicine.[7]

Sadie Sling

Sadie readies to loose a rock from her sling during the winter of 1152.

The group was en route through the snow from Sprucetuck back to Lockhaven when a great horned owl began hunting the group. Sadie managed to drive the owl away with a well-aimed shot from her sling, blinding its right eye.[7]

Later that day, Saxon tripped on a root causing the ground beneath to subside and he, Sadie and Kenzie plunged into a snow-drifted vent vole which lead towards Darkheather. Lieam and Celanawe, separated and with no means to rescue the others from below, decided to return to Lockhaven with the medicine on their own.[8]

Meanwhile, Kenzie, Saxon and Sadie followed the tunnel until they reached a gateway flanked by two weasels. Before Kenzie or Sadie could suggest a plan of attack, Saxon charged forward and struck one of the weasels with his sword, which turned out be just a statue. Saxon's sword was shattered. Kenzie then berated Saxon for acting recklessly, which soon devolved into an argument between the two Guardmice. Sadie did not engage in this bickering and instead kept the group moving forward.[8]

The trio entered an open cavern and caused a swarm of roosting bats to awaken. Saxon showed prejudice to the bats, angering them into attacking the three mice. Saxon jumped atop of one of the bats, and, holding his broken sword to its neck, attempted to make it fly him to an exit. The bat was unwilling to assist the Guardmouse, so Saxon fatally stabbed it and both mouse and bat plunged far, far down a shaft in the tunnel.[9]

Sadie and Kenzie could not follow Saxon down due to the height of the fall. Instead, they searched for the missing mouse by traversing the tunnels and calling his name. During the search, Kenzie revealed his feelings for Sadie and sang for her the Ballad of the Ivory Lass.[10]

Sadie Kenzie

Sadie and Kenzie resting in Darkheather during the winter of 1152.

After hours of fruitless searching, Kenzie and Sadie laid down to rest in each others' arms. While they were sleeping, an angry Saxon chanced across the pair. He woke them up and berated them for deserting their search and leaving him to his fate.[11]

The Guardmice then continued following the labyrinthine chambers until they happened across an underground river. Sadie suggested the mice find anything that floats, and so Saxon found a bucket which, whilst wobbly in the water, the three Guardmice used as a vessel in which to explore the channel.[11]

In the darkness, Saxon saw the body of Abigail drifting by, littered with Guard arrows. The mice realised they must be close to Lockhaven and wondered what had happened in their absence. Saxon then spotted a broken cistern leading to the well-shaft straight beneath Lockhaven. Some Guardmice hoisted the trio to the surface, and explained Abigail's betrayal and that Lieam and Celanawe had not yet returned.[11]

Kenzie and Saxon rushed to their fellow Guardmouse Isabel, and requested she saddle them some hares upon which they would ride in their search for Lieam and Celanawe. Sadie stayed behind and explained the situation to Gwendolyn.[12]

Kenzie and Saxon later returned with an injured Lieam. Celanawe had been killed by an owl — the same one which Sadie had blinded just days earlier.[12]

Sadie attended Celanawe's funeral with Kenzie later that season. The pair then worked together to seal-up the Lockhaven cistern. Gwendolyn described the pair as "inseparable" since their return.[13]

Spring of 1153Edit

Sadie 1153

Sadie and Kenzie fishing during the spring of 1153.

During the spring of 1153, Gwendolyn sent Sadie and Kenzie to gather food, which was required to placate a bear which had strayed too close to the Scent Border. The pair perched in a tree near Lillygrove and Oakgrove from which they fished the river below with a line.[14]

Personality and characteristicsEdit

Sadie was strong-willed and a good warrior. She was used to her own company, having spent many years stationed at Frostic and patrolling by herself.

Equally, she worked well with a group — which she exhibited during the winter of 1152, often acting as an arbiter to Saxon and Kenzie's bickering.


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