Port Sumac
Port Sumac
Geographical information
Area: Edge of the North Sea
Size: Town
Additional information
Notable landmarks: Mariner's Bell Tavern
Notable citizens: Roarke, Conrad

Port Sumac is a remote, seaside mouse town located on the cliffs of the North Sea. It is commonly used as a resupply point on the Darkwater to Rustleaf trade route. While the town itself sits on a granite outcropping, the actual port is nestled beneath this shelf.[1]

Port Sumac is inhabited by families of laborers, boat-crafters, weather-watchers, weavers and merchantmice. Anymouse who could serve on board a ship or service a ship in port can be found in this small, bustling port.


Citizens and societyEdit

Port Sumac is run by a council of ship captains. The captain with the most profitable trade in the last year heads the council, which incidentally has no fixed size. Councilmice determine the laws of the port, set the taxes and perform other administrative duties. New members may be inducted by a majority vote of the council, and for their troubles, each councilmouse earns a share of all goods collected from the town's imports and exports.

The town imports a variety of goods - cloth, worked metal and grains are of primary importance. It exports its services in the shipping trade, and is also famous for a drink called "Rhuse Juice" made from the berries the sumac trees which dot the town's immediate area. Port Sumac also exports dark maroon dyes and tannins for leather.


Quest for the Black AxeEdit

Celanawe and Em go to the port town of Sumac to find a mouse who is willing to sail them in the uncharted areas of the North Sea. While searching, they remained silent about the Black Axe. In the Mariner's Bell Tavern, they find a number of greedy, crooked and filthy mice that ever walked the Mouse Territories.
At the bottom of the tavern, they find Conrad arguing with Roarke about inheriting his father's ship and title, which Roarke deems him unworthy of due to his lack of trade and decides to heavily tax him and drive him away along with his ship.
Just as a barroom brawl is about to begin, Celenawe intervenes and requests a mouse willing to undertake a voyage in the uncharted waters and nominates Conrad to go with him and Em to prove himself a worthy captain. Roarke agrees on the condition that Conrad bring back something he has never seen before and make him not only a Captain in the council but a council leader. Conrad seals the deal with a blood agreement on his harpoon.
At the docks, Conrad helps Celenawe load supplies bought with Em's coin, while she pours over her book of notes. As they set off, Conrad wants to take a shortcut to Lillygrove, but Celenawe wishes to honor the bargain he proposed, even if Roarke was a scoundrel.


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