Oleg the Wise was a tale told in the June Alley Inn story telling competition of 1154. It was told by the mouse Kole.


In a land beyond the wild country and eastern sea, there was a brilliant king called Oleg who was victorious in every battle he fought. His steed was a white weasel, who fought with him. One day, Oleg was met by a mouse called Staretz, who was blind but wise. He gave Oleg a warning "Your steed will be the death of you".

Oleg takes the warning seriously and passes his weasel on to another mouse requesting that he takes good care of him. For a long time afterwards, Oleg won many battles without his steed, but felt emptiness from missing his great companion. He demanded to know where his steed was, but his courtier tells his the bad news that his weasel died last year in Spring.

This bad news stuns the king's court. Unmoved, Oleg is determined to pay his respects to his steed. His courtier leads him to the steed cemetery where all deceased steeds are buried. All that is left is of the white weasel is his skull. Suddenly a snake emerges. The courtier flees, while Oleg draws his sword and faces the snake. As the snake prepares to strike, Oleg remembers Staretz's cryptic warning. It is now known if Oleg survives his encounter or not.


Legends of the Guard Volume 1

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