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Mouse Guard is a critically-acclaimed, all-ages series of graphic novels created by American author/illustrator David Petersen, which is currently published through Archaia Entertainment. Entries in the main series are six issues long and are eventually published as a hardcover book complete with covers, guides and assorted extras. So far, two hardcovers have been published; Fall 1152 and Winter 1152, with the third volume, The Black Axe, already onto its fifth issue. An anthology mini-series, Legends of the Guard, has also been published, with a second volume of spin-off like tales expected sometime in 2013. A Role-Playing-Game based of the world of Mouse Guard was released in late 2008, featuring an engine created by Luke Crane and original illustrations by Petersen himself.

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Frostic is a small outpost built on the shores of the North Sea. Primarily used as a watch tower for the Mouse Guard, Frostic enables sentry mice to spot incoming threats from the seas with ease. As of the Fall of 1152, Frostic consists of a stone pier, a bell and a single underground room chamber. Notable Guardmice, such as Celanawe, Loukas and Sadie have been appointed at Frostic over the seasons.
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Elymis is a quiet, male mouse and a member of the Guard. He can usually be found in Sienna's patrol. Being a skilled scout, Elymis usually goes ahead of his party, moving silently and observing all signs, sounds and smells which may help guide their group away - or in some cases - toward predators and danger.
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