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Mouse Guard is a critically-acclaimed comic book series written and illustrated by David Petersen, and published through Archaia Entertainment. Each entry in the Main Series is six issues long and published as a hardcover book complete with covers, guides and assorted extras. So far, two hardcovers have been published; Fall 1152 and Winter 1152, with the third volume The Black Axe already onto its fourth issue. An anthology mini-series, Legends of the Guard, has also been published, with a second volume expected sometime in 2013 (available as of June 26th).


Mice struggle to live safely and prosper among all of the world’s harsh conditions and predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed. After persevering against a weasel warlord in the Winter War of 1149, the territories are no longer as troubled.

True, the day to day dangers exist, but no longer are the Guard soldiers; instead they are escorts, pathfinders, weather watchers, scouts and body guards for the mice who live among the Territories. Many skills are necessary for the guard to keep the borders safe. They must find new safeways and paths from village to village, lead shipments of goods from one town to another and, in case of attack, guard against all evil and harm to their Territories.


Mouse Guard Trailer

Mouse Guard Trailer


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