Mouse Guard: Role Playing Game
Author: David Petersen
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The Mouse Guard Role Playing Game is a RPG based upon the Mouse Guard book series.

The Bookjacket[edit | edit source]

The Blurb[edit | edit source]

Join the Mouse Guard and defend the Mouse Territories against predators and dangers, in this roleplaying game for the Mouse Guard comic book series! The game is intended for all ages and levels of game-playing experience by award-winning game designer Luke Crane and is based on a simplified version of his Burning Wheel rules system.

The Praise[edit | edit source]

Mouse Guard is simply a fantastic product, offering the beautiful artwork and clever setting of the comic alongside a game system that is fun in play and encourages constant player involvement.

-Christopher W. Richeson, RPGnet

Beautiful artwork and graphic design, as well as a compelling core concept (play a mouse with a sword!) round out one of the most satisfying gaming purchases I’ve made in a long time. I highly recommend this book.

-Martin Ralya, Gnome Stew

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