Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume One
Legends Volume 1 Hardcover
Author: David Petersen and multiple others
Issues: 4
Publication Details
Date: October 20, 2010
Identification: ISBN-10: 1932386947
Preceeded by: Winter 1152
Followed by: Legends of the Guard Volume Two
Legends of the Guard Volume One is an all-ages short anthology series set in the world of Mouse Guard.[1]


Plot Overview Edit

Inside the June Alley Inn on Fall 1154, located in the western mouse city of Barkstone, so many mice have overdue tabs to pay in coin to June, who is reluctant to involve the Barkstone magistrate and mayor. The Innkeeper decides to make the overwhelming debts worth her while by starting a competition where all the mice in debt will each tell a tale. The rules: Every story must contain one truth, one lie and have never been told in that tavern before. June will judge and decide which tale is the most inspiring. The winner will get his or her bar tab cleared. Fantastic stories are spun throughout the evening, most of them involving a Mouse Guard or Mouse Guard candidate. After this June decides to make the competition in her tavern a local tradition take place twice a year.

David Petersen handpicked the talents of: Jeremy Bastian, Ted Naifeh, Alex Sheikman, Sean Rubin, Alex Kain, Terry Moore, Gene Ha, Lowell Francis, Katie Cook, Guy Davis, Nate Pride, Jason Shawn Alexander, Karl Kerschl, Craig Rousseau, and Mark Smylie to write and illustrate the stories told by the tavern mice.


Tale Author Illustrator Narrator Pages
The Battle of the Hawk's Mouse and the Fox's Mouse Jeremy Bastian Jeremy Bastian Nigel 7
A Bargain in the Dark Ted Naifeh Ted Naifeh Tristram 4
Oleg the Wise Alex Sheikman Alex Sheikman, Scott Keating Kole 9
Potential Alex Kain Sean Rubin Fenton 10
The Shrike and The Toad Terry Moore Terry Moore Caitlin 2
Worley and The Mink Lowell Francis Gene Ha Wyatt 9
A Mouse Named Fox Katie Cook Katie Cook Fyffe 6
The Critic Guy Davis Guy Davis Aynslee 5
The Ballad of Nettledown Nate Pride Nate Pride Ewyn 3
The Raven Jason Shawn Alexander Jason Shawn Alexander, Travis Ingram Haggen 6
The Lion and the Mouse Craig Rosseau Craig Rosseau Vaughn 6
Bowen's Tale Karl Kerschl Karl Kerschl Bowen 5
Crown of Silver Crown of Gold Mark Smylie Mark Smylie Carver 8



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