This page is for the Mouse Guard book series. For the in-universe faction of the same name, see Mouse Guard (faction).

Mouse Guard is a series of graphic novels created by American author and illustrator David Petersen, and published through Archaia / BOOM!. First published in 2006, the series now comprises multiple books which have won numerous awards. Mouse Guard is made distinctive by its unusual square (8" × 8") format.

The series is set in a North American-esque universe without humans, and where animals possess complex language, and some species culture and technology — although none have advanced further than what we call the "medieval" era.

The mouse is one such species, and it builds its hidden settlements throughout the Mouse Territories, struggling to survive between the dual threats of predators and adverse weather. The selfless group known as the Mouse Guard patrols the open country between settlements, protecting the common mouse from these dangers. The Mouse Guard series follows various Guardmice, their adventures, and their sacrifices in carrying out this most important of tasks.

Overview of the Mouse Guard universe[edit | edit source]

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Development history[edit | edit source]

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Book series[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Main series[edit | edit source]

There are three main entries in the Mouse Guard series: Fall 1152, Winter 1152 and The Black Axe. Each series comprises six, 24-page issues and is now published in a collected hardcover format including extras such as prologues, epilogues and lore guides. A fourth volume, Weasel War of 1149 is currently in production.

Legends of the Guard[edit | edit source]

A spin-off series known as Legends of the Guard has also seen the release of three volumes. These shorter entries ran for four issues each, being anthologies in which other authors and illustrators are invited to create short tales of mouse folklore, with Petersen providing a narrative flow between stories:

  • Volume One was released on 20 October 2010. It is set in in the fall of 1154 at the June Alley Inn in Barkstone, and features 13 tales told by mouse patrons in an effort to clear their tabs.
  • Volume Two was released in December 2013. This series revisits the June Alley Inn for the storytelling competition of the spring of 1155, with 13 tales told by mouse patrons.
  • Volume Three was released in December 2015. It is set in the winter of 1155 at the June Alley Inn and once again features 13 tales told by mouse patrons.

Other books[edit | edit source]

Petersen has released several in-universe Mouse Guard short stories for Free Comic Book Day, many of which have been collected in the short anthology collection Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales.

Finally, Petersen and Luke Crane have developed a successful, table-top Role Playing Game, of which there is a revised edition and a collected box-set available.

Catalogue[edit | edit source]

Book title Collecting previously-released issues Collected edition released
Volume I: Fall 1152 Fall 1152, Issue 1 — Belly of the Beast
Fall 1152, Issue 2 — Shadows Within
Fall 1152, Issue 3 — Rise of the Axe
Fall 1152, Issue 4 — The Dark Ghost
Fall 1152, Issue 5 — Midnight's Dawn
Fall 1152, Issue 6 — A Return to Honor
May 2007
Volume II: Winter 1152 Winter 1152, Issues 1–6 July 2009
Volume III: The Black Axe Spring 1153 (as prologue)
The Black Axe, Issues 1–6
July 2013
Legends of the Guard Volume I LotG Vol. I, Issues 1–4 November 2010
Legends of the Guard Volume II LotG Vol. II, Issues 1–4 December 2013
Legends of the Guard Volume III LotG Vol. III, Issues 1–4 November 2015
Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales The Tale of the Wise Weaver (FCBD 2011)
The Tale of Baldwin the Brave (FCBD 2012)
The Tale of Thane and Ilsa (FCBD 2013)
The Tale of Service to Seyan
The Tale of the Axe Trio (FCBD 2014)
The Tale of Oh Day Away
November 2014
The Tale of Piper the Listener (FCBD 2016) N/A N/A
The Tale of the Wild Wolf (FCBD 2017) N/A N/A

Other books[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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