Harvests berries, grasses, and minerals to be ground into dyes and pigments.
Current: Barkstone
Past: Unknown
Gender: Male
Fur: Dark Brown
Profession: Harvester
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Book Appearances
Living: Legends of the Guard Volume Three
Dead: N/A

Meeka is a male mouse who makes a living as a harvest mouse, gathering plants and minerals needed for dyeing cloth. Throughout the story-telling competition of Winter 1155, he is playing a game of Swords and Strongholds with Lenox and Asa. After Israel's tale of the The Armor Maker, he cheers about winning the game, which Silas mistakes for declaring the story a winning one. After Oswynn's tale of The Inventor, he introduces himself to June and reveals that he is not in debt, but came into the inn just to have a listen at the wonderful tales being told.

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