"My word and my honor are worth more to me than the life of one of my own ... Certainly more than one whom does not understand virtue."
―King Luthebon to Celanawe, 1115.[1]

King Luthebon was a male ferret and the king of the Ebon Kingdom, ruling from his throne at Ildur Hall.

A proud ruler, Luthebon valued honour above all other virtues, and was known to kill even his own ferrets when they breached his laws of hospitality.

In c. 1110, Luthebon slayed the eighth wielder of the Black Axe, Merek, when the latter came to Ildur seeking to conquer it for mousekind. Luthebon retained the Axe for five years as his own prize, but surrendered it to Celanawe in 1115 after the young mouse slew a dangerous fox on his behalf.


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Personality and characteristicsEdit

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