Lord Rampaul was the overlord of the Darkheather weasel army that invaded the Mouse Territories during
Mouse-Guard-Legends-of-the-Guard-Vol-2-– Full-Casewrap-small

Lord Rampaul was similar in appearance to most weasels.

the year 1149, triggering the Winter War. After a few skirmishes between the weasels and mice, Gwendolyn the mouse matriach was forced to declare war.  [1]

Weasel Appearance and CharacteristicsEdit

Lord Rampaul is similar to most weasels, one of the few differences being that he is more vicious. 

Weasels dwell on the southwestern border of the Mouse Territories in a land known as Darkheather. This intelligent species possess language, culture and technology. They are also natural enemies of mice. They will kill - and even eat - mice without provocation or hesitation. Only three years ago, the weasels made

Lord Rampaul ruled the weasels and their allies.

incursions into the Territories and a great war was fought. Thanks to the Guard, the mice managed to prevail, but only narrowly, with many lives lost. During the struggle, the weasels managed to capture a handful of border towns.There's no telling when they will muster again and attempt to wipe out the Territories once and for all.
Physically, weasels are long slender creatures growing two to four times the size of a mouse. Their sinuous bodies allow them to follow their prey into burrows and narrow places. Weasels are ruled over by an Overlord and a series of lesser Tunnel Lords. Titles are achieved by slaying the weasel currently occupying the position, or by being appointed and being supported by another more powerful weasel. Lords are well-off, never lacking for wealth or comfort. However, they are never at ease. There is always fear, political struggle and danger within a weasel community.


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