This is a list of members of the Mouse Guard.

Name Cloak Color Rank Weapon of Choice Skill(s)
Abigail Ochre Patrol Guard (turned traitor) Healing
Aeren Scent Marking
Annika Green with Tartan pattern
Apiary keeper Maroon Smokebox Beekeeping
Aubrey Red
Bastian Red Patrol Guard Longbow Hunting
Bedwyn (Greyfur) Grass Green Guardmouse Axe
Cedric Feldgrau Spear
Celanawe Turquoise Guardmouse (retired) Broadsword (formerly) Pathfinding, Beast Communication
Cerise Red Dual Shortswords
Conrad Black Guardmouse Harpoon Lassoing
Delvin White Falchion, Shield
Elymis Purple Shortsword Scouting
Erwynn Turquoise Longsword
Ewing Coral Red
Feagan Brown Broadsword
Gwendolyn Sky Blue Matriarch Halberd Coordination
Isabel Red Halberd Beast Tending
Israel Red Patrol Guard Sword Metalworking
Kenzie Royal Blue Guardmouse Staff Examination
Landra Tea Green Guard Captain Organisation
Lieam (Redfur) Leaf Green Guardmouse Heavy Dagger Scaling, Stealth
Loukas Dark Green Broadsword
Marin Turquoise Guardmouse Bow
Meritt Olive Green Guardmouse
Midnight Black Patrol Guard (turned traitor)
Pearse Azure Bow
Quiggly Guardmouse
Rand Ochre Sharp Shield Defense
Roibin Writing, Planning
Sadie Violet Guardmouse Dual Knives, Sling Distraction
Saxon (Sax) Scarlet Guardmouse Broadsword Pathfinding
Sela Amethyst Sword
Sienna Orange Patrol Leader Mace Pathfinding
Sextus Red Patrol Leader Sword
Tristram Maroon Guardmouse Broadsword
Vinson Patterned yellow
Waldon Arylide yellow
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