Current: Lockhaven
Past: N/A
Gender: Male
Fur: Red
Profession: Guardmouse, the Black Axe
Friends: Celanawe (deceased), Kenzie, Saxon, Sadie, Gwendolyn
Book Appearances
Living: Fall 1152, Winter 1152, Spring 1153 (mentioned only)
Dead: None

Lieam is a male mouse and a member of the Guard. After the tragic events of the Winter of 1152, Celanawe (the last in the line of Farrer) bestowed upon him the Black Axe- the title and the weapon.

Characteristics and PersonalityEdit

Lieam joined the Guard in the Winter of 1149 during the war with the Weasels. Just growing into his own, Lieam was thrust into the exciting and dangerous life of being a Mouse Guard.

Lieam is a "Red Fur" as other mice call him. So far, there have been very few other red furs depicted. One of them is Wyatt.


Midnight's Rebellion and Siege of LockhavenEdit

He was captured by the Axe Army when he, disguised as one of them, removed his armour and spear. He was dragged to Lockhaven to use as a bribe for Gwendolyn and set himself free during the battle.

Journey for SuppliesEdit

Coming soon.

Showdown with the One-Eyed OwlEdit

In the final showdown with the one-eyed owl he killed the owl that killed Celanwe. After this he takes the black axe and disappears.

Becoming the Black AxeEdit

Coming soon.


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