"You forget ... In Lockhaven there is a saying carved into the wall: it matters not what you fight but what you fight for."
―Kenzie to Lieam during the fall of 1152.[1]

Kenzie (1121 – unknown) was a male mouse and a member of the Mouse Guard.

Kenzie participated in the Weasel War of 1149 and helped the Mouse Guard achieve a hard-won victory. In the fall of 1152, he played a prominent role in resisting the attempted coup d'état by Midnight, a former Guardmouse.


Early LifeEdit

Kenzie was born in 1121 in Willowroot. His father, Ailfrid was the local smithy.[2]

In the spring of 1126, Ailfrid told Kenzie the Tale of the Wise Weaver, emphasising the importance of wisdom and cunning.[3]

Joining the Mouse GuardEdit

Kenzie joined the Mouse Guard in an unknown year, and was given a blue cloak. His levelheaded nature meant he was quickly promoted to leading patrols — a leadership role he held throughout his long career with the Guard.[4]

Kenzie befriended Saxon during his early years with the Guard.[Citation needed]

Weasel War of 1149Edit

Kenzie served valiantly in the Weasel War of 1149, during which he and Saxon began mentoring a tenderpaw named Lieam.[4]

Midnight's rebellionEdit

During the fall of 1152, the Matriarch Gwendolyn sent Kenzie, Lieam and Saxon to investigate the disappearance of a missing merchant mouse last seen travelling between Rootwallow and Barkstone. The Guardmice searched the trail, and eventually found the merchant's abandoned cart lying overturned under a tree. Daylight was fading, so Kenzie told the others they should get some rest.[1]

Kenzie Snake

Kenzie battling the snake during the fall of 1152.

The following morning, Saxon woke Kenzie and informed him he had discovered a trail of grain leading away from the track. Saxon and Kenzie followed the trail to a large pit in the ground, and were soon joined by Lieam. Before they could investigate the pit, a milk snake ambushed the trio from behind. The Guardmice fled the serpent and hid in a nearby tree hollow.[1]

While inside, Lieam told the group that they could never have killed such a beast, and Kenzie retorted with the common Guard saying, "It matters not what you fight, but what you fight for."[1]

Once the serpent seemed to have left the vicinity, the three mice approached the pit again. Saxon spotted snake eggs below, and immediately leapt down and smashed them. Kenzie followed Saxon's lead. In the meantime, the snake returned and attacked Lieam, who slayed it by driving his sword through the roof of its upper jaw. Saxon and Kenzie returned to the forest floor and extricated Lieam from the serpent's maw.[1]

Saxon cut the snake open and discovered the missing merchant's body inside. Kenzie then revealed to Saxon and Lieam that the missing mouse was a traitor: he had found an illegal map of Lockhaven earlier at the grain cart, but had initially hidden this as he feared Saxon would have killed the merchant on site, had they found him alive. The trio resolved to head to Barkstone — the missing mouse's destination — to investigate who he was selling the Mouse Guard's secrets to.[1]

On the road to Barkstone, the Guardmice chanced across Midnight, the Guard's weaponsmith. Lieam began to tell Midnight about the traitorous grain peddler, but Kenzie stopped him, reasoning they should not talk openly of the matter until they knew the extent of the apparent plot.[5]

At Barkstone, the trio split up and went about the city asking questions about the grain peddler. This line of questioning soon drew unwanted attention from the town guard, who surrounded the three mice at their rendezvous at the city square.[5]

Kenzie suggested a distraction was necessary, so Saxon announced to the surrounding mice that they were to witness a spectacle: a duel between two of the Guard's finest. Saxon and Kenzie duelled, which quickly descended into a brawl between the two mice. Lieam used this distraction to slip away into the gathering crowd, shedding his cloak. The town guard intervened in Saxon and Kenzie's struggle, bound them with ropes, confiscated their weapons and left them unconscious far outside the city gates.[5]

Barkstone Duel

Saxon and Kenzie duel on the streets of Barkstone during the fall of 1152.

The hermit Celanawe happened across Saxon and Kenzie's unconscious bodies, and brought them back to his hut for interrogation. He trussed the Guardmice up from the ceiling. When the pair came to, Celanawe accused them of stealing his weapon, the Black Axe. After a heated argument, Saxon managed to chew through his bonds and tackled the hermit. Kenzie then convinced the oldfur that they were not his enemy and had nothing to do with stealing his axe.[6]

In the meantime, however, a fire had broken out in the hut. The three mice escaped the conflagration but the dwelling was beyond saving. Celanawe resolved to accompany the Guardmice back to Lockhaven, to which they agreed — albeit Saxon expressed his disbelief that Celanawe could be the fabled Black Axe.[6]

On the trio's journey to the Mouse Guard stronghold, Kenzie took the others to a hidden weapons cache from which Saxon armed himself with a rusty sword.[7]

The mice arrived at Lockhaven to find it already besieged by Midnight's army, The Axe. The captured Lieam was visible in the throng of the army. For lack of a better plan, Saxon suggested taking on the attackers, slaughtering their leader and rescuing Lieam, but Kenzie reasoned such a plan was suicide. Then Celanawe told the others of a secret passage into Lockhaven which was so old not even the Mouse Guard would know to seal it.[8]

Kenzie Battle

Kenzie battling one of Midnight's soldiers during the fall of 1152.

Saxon, Kenzie and Celanawe followed the passage straight to the Matriarch's office, where Midnight and his mice were confronting Gwendolyn. The trio took Midnight by surprise and, after a brief skirmish, captured Midnight and slayed the remnants of The Axe. On Gwendolyn's orders, Saxon and Lieam lead the malcontent at swordpoint beyond the Scent Border and banished him from the Mouse Territories, far from the Guard he sought to overthrow.[8]

Food Shortages in the TerritoriesEdit

The winter of 1152 was particularly cold, and a lack of food and medicine made the situation at Lockhaven dire. Gwendolyn sent her Guardmice to various settlements to source supplies.[9]

Kenzie led a patrol comprising Saxon, Lieam, Sadie, and Celanawe. The group was en route through the snow to Sprucetuck when a great horned owl began hunting the group. Sadie managed to drive the owl away with a well-aimed shot from her sling, blinding its right eye.[9]

The group arrived at Sprucetuck and negotiated provision of the necessary medicine. On their return journey to Lockhaven, Saxon tripped on a root causing the ground beneath to subside and he, Kenzie and Sadie were plunged into a tunnel leading into Darkheather. Lieam and Celanawe, separated and with no means to rescue the others from below, decided to return to Lockhaven with the medicine on their own.[10]

Meanwhile, Kenzie, Saxon and Sadie followed the tunnel until they reached a gateway flanked by two weasels. Before Kenzie or Sadie could suggest a plan of attack, Saxon charged forward and struck one of the weasels with his sword, which turned out be just a statue. Saxon's sword was shattered. Kenzie then berated Saxon for acting recklessly, which soon devolved into an argument between the two Guardmice.[10]

The arguing caused a swarm of roosting bats to awaken. Saxon showed prejudice to the bats, angering them into attacking the three mice. Saxon jumped atop of one of the bats, and, holding his broken sword to its neck, attempted to make it fly him to an exit. The bat was unwilling to assist the Guardmouse, so Saxon fatally stabbed it and both mouse and bat plunged far, far down a shaft in the tunnel.[11]

Kenzie Sadie

Sadie and Kenzie explore Darkheather during the winter of 1152.

Kenzie and Sadie could not follow Saxon down due to the height of the fall. Instead, the searched for the missing mouse by traversing the tunnels and calling his name. During the search, Kenzie revealed his feelings for Sadie and sang for her the Ballad of the Ivory Lass.[11]

After hours of fruitless searching, Kenzie and Sadie laid down to rest in each others' arms. While they were sleeping, an angry Saxon chanced across the pair. He woke them up and berated them for deserting their search and leaving him to his fate.[12]

The Guardmice then continued following the labyrinthine chambers until they happened across an underground river. Sadie suggested the mice find anything that floats, and so Saxon found a bucket which, whilst wobbly in the water, the three Guardmice used as a vessel in which to explore the channel.[12]

In the darkness, Saxon saw the body of Abigail drifting by, littered with Guard arrows. The mice realised they must be close to Lockhaven and wondered what had happened in their absence. Saxon then spotted a broken cistern leading to the well-shaft straight beneath Lockhaven. Some Guardmice hoisted the trio to the surface, and explained Abigail's betrayal and that Lieam and Celanawe had not yet returned.[12]

Kenzie and Saxon rushed to their fellow Guardmouse Isabel, and requested she saddle them some hares upon which they would ride in their search for Lieam and Celanawe. Aided by the hares, the pair soon found the great horned owl that had attacked them before Sprucetuck, dead in the snow. Pawprints led away from the corpse. The Guardmice followed the trail and found Lieam, who was half-frozen and unconscious, and Celanawe, who had been killed from wounds sustained by the owl. The group returned with Celanawe's body to Lockhaven, and Saxon hid the Black Axe from the curious onlookers upon their arrival at the gates.[13]

Kenzie later attended Celanawe's funeral with Sadie, and afterwards they worked together to seal-up the Lockhaven cistern. Gwendolyn described the pair as "inseparable" since their return.[14]

Life after the winter of 1152Edit

Sadie 1153

Sadie and Kenzie fishing during the spring of 1153.

During the spring of 1153, Gwendolyn sent Sadie and Kenzie to gather food, which was required to placate a bear which had strayed too close to the Scent Border. The pair perched in a tree from which they fished the river below with a line.[15]

Later that year, in the summer, Lieam met with Kenzie and Saxon just south of Lockhaven to inform them that Celanawe had named him the new Black Axe. Saxon tried to talk Lieam out of this life of self-imposed exile but he would not budge. At Lieam's request, Saxon returned Lieam's cloak to Gwendolyn and informed her that was all he had found of him.[16]

Personality and characteristicsEdit

Kenzie was known for his wisdom and level-headedness. These traits meant he was promoted to Patrol Leader early with his career in the Guard. He was methodical, and always thought things through before speaking or acting.[4]



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