June Alley Inn
June Alley Inn Exterior
Location: Barkstone
Store Owner: June and Alley

The June Alley Inn is a mouse tavern located in the western city of Barkstone. It is run by the mouse June and her husband Alley. It consists of a cellar, a main room, upstairs rooms (for rent), a kitchen and a fireplace.


Midnight's RebellionEdit

During the Fall of 1152, the Guardmice Kenzie, Saxon, and Lieam traveled to the western city of Barkstone to investigate the origins of the Map of Lockhaven. While there, they payed a visit to the Inn to make inquiries.

June Alley Inn Story-Telling CompetitionEdit

During the Fall of 1154, the innkeeper June started a story telling competition: "Weave the best tale for my ears, and your past bills are cleared."