Isabel at Lockhaven during the winter of 1152.

Isabel was a female mouse and a member of the Mouse Guard.

Isabel was born in the eastest settlement of Wolfpointe. She spent her childhood around other beasts, with whom she found it easy to communicate with, and some of which she managed to charm and ride.[1]

Isbael joined the Mouse Guard in an unknown year. Her talents with wild beasts led her to strengthen the relationship between Lockhaven and the hares, to the extent she could occasionally negotiate with them for their use as transport.[1]

During the winter of 1152, Kenzie and Saxon begged Isabel to negotiate with the hares for them to aide the search for the missing Lieam and Celanawe. Isabel acted as an arbiter between the two Guardmice and the hare leader, Gylham, who acquiesced and agreed the hares would provide transport. The three mice rode into the harsh weather in search of their comrades. They followed a trail of pawprints which led to Lieam, who was wounded and half-frozen, and was carrying Celanawe's corpse. The hares bore all the mice back to Lockhaven.[2]

During the spring of 1153, Isabel led a wagon of food pulled by two hares to a bear's lair — a gift of placation for the intruding giant.[3]


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