Gylham, bearing Isabel, and Ydell, bearing Kenzie traverse near Lockhaven during the winter of 1152.

The hare is a species of mammal present in the Mouse Territories.

Description[edit | edit source]

During the summer, the hare's coat is dark brown. However, in the winter it moults and turns a brilliant white with black-tipped ears. While the hare is sapient and peaceful, it does not wear much in terms of clothing or use tools or weapons.[1]

From time to time, hares and mice join allegiances. The hares allow the mice to use them as mounts and are paid for their services in food or manufactured goods.[1]

Not all mice understand hares. These creatures speak softly and with few words. In fact, many mice fail to notice hares speaking at all. Those that take the time to learn about them find hares to be spartan, stoic, and reserved.[1]

A few Guardmice trained to work with the hares, fashioning tack and harness for riding or towing. It is not easy to ride hares. Unless trained in how to address them, most mice will have no luck getting hares to listen to them, let alone ride them.[1]

Notable hares[edit | edit source]

  • Gylham, Heilyn and Ydell — these three hares were allied with the Guardmouse Isabel with whom they bartered transport in exchange for grain for their burrows. The hares were instrumental during the winter of 1152 when they assisted Saxon and Kenzie in their search for the missing Guardmice Lieam and Celanawe.[2]

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