"Midnight's concerns over the order of authority between the Guard, the towns and the villages, were valid. Unfortunately, his solution was to rule from on high as an imposter in the shadow of the Black Axe, and slaughter those in his way. Mouse should never raise blade against mouse. There are enough outside threats in this world."
―Gwendolyn, first snowfall of 1152.[1]

Gwendolyn was a female mouse and a Matriarch of the Mouse Guard (1141 – unknown).

Gwendolyn faced many challenges in her early years as Matriarch. In 1149, she led the Mouse Guard in war against an invasive force of weasels from Darkheather; and in the fall of 1152 she resisted an attempted coup d'état by Midnight, a former Guardmouse. She often writes memoirs, reflecting on what happened every season in her time as Matriarch.

Gwendolyn was betrothed to the Guardmouse Saxon in the winter of 1152, and gave birth to their daughter Grace in 1155.


Early lifeEdit

Gwendolyn was born in Lockhaven sometime prior to 1124. Her mother was a well-regarded weaver stationed there, but she passed away leaving Gwendolyn orphaned at a young age.[2]

Gwendolyn was adopted by another female weaver mouse named Leah, and moved into her home in Thistledown. Leah taught the young Gwendolyn "The Tale of Service to Seyan" and emphasised the virtues of humility, generosity and service to mousekind.[2]

Gwendolyn joined the Mouse Guard in her adolescence.[Citation needed]

Matriarch of the Mouse GuardEdit


In 1141, the Guard's previous Matriarch died suddenly and Gwendolyn was made the new Matriarch. At the time of her promotion she was one of the youngest Matriarchs in recorded history.[3]

Weasel War of 1149Edit

In the winter of 1149, Lord Rampaul invaded the Mouse Territories with his army of Darkheather weasels. Gwendolyn was compelled to openly declare war against the invaders and led the Mouse Guard to a hard-won victory.[3]

Midnight's RebellionEdit

During the fall of 1152, Gwendolyn assigned Kenzie, Saxon and Lieam to investigate the disappearance of a merchant mouse who went missing between Rootwallow and Barkstone.[4] She simultaneously sent the Guardmouse Sadie to the northeastern outpost of Calogero to uncover the reason for the oldfur Conrad's failure to communicate with Lockhaven.[5]

Unknown to Gwendolyn, both of these occurrences were connected to a plot by the former Guardmouse Midnight to overthrow Gwendolyn and the Guard and to rule the Mouse Territories with an army of disgruntled followers known as The Axe.


Lockhaven besieged by Midnight's army during the fall of 1152.

When Midnight and The Axe arrived at Lockhaven's gates, Rand and Sadie went to Gwendolyn's office and implored her to retreat to safety. Gwendolyn chose to stand her ground and fight.

Midnight and his mice eventually broke into the Matriarch's office, and called for Gwendolyn's surrender. Midnight explained his intent to rid the lands of the inefficient Mouse Guard and secure peace for the Territories by destroying all predators. Gwendolyn refused to capitulate.

Lieam, Kenzie, Saxon and Celanawe joined the standoff in the office, and the battle recommenced. Gwendolyn dueled Midnight with her halberd but was bested. Before Midnight could deliver the killing blow, Celanawe interceded and disarmed the blackfur. Gwendolyn prevented Celanawe from executing Midnight, not wishing for him to be martyred. Instead, she ordered he be banished beyond the Scent Border, far from the protection of the Guard he sought to undermine.[6]

Gwendolyn reflected that while Midnight's concerns as to the balance of authority between the Mouse Guard and the settlements of the Mouse Territories were valid, his solution of ruling with an iron fist and slaughtering all in his path was wrong. She was concerned an undercurrent of distrust toward the Guard still lingered in the Territories following Midnight's defeat.[1]

Winter of 1152Edit

In the winter of 1152, Lockhaven was low on food and medicine. Gwendolyn sent three groups of Guardmice out to the various mouse settlements to request the necessary supplies. The Matriach, Roibin and Landra frequently met during their absence to discuss these shortages and other logistical matters.[7]

While her Guardmice were away from Lockhaven on their respective missions, Gwendolyn kept a close eye on Rand, who had developed a fever and was in the care of the healer Abigail at the Lockhaven apothecary.[7]

During one of her visits to Rand's bedside, Gwendolyn discovered a leaf of hemlock and realised Abigail had been poisoning the Guardmouse.[8] She relayed an order to Landra to immediately seal Lockhaven while she moved Rand away from the apothecary.[9]

Gwendolyn's Guardmice hunted down and killed Abigail, but not before the healer poisoned the Lockhaven well. Gwendolyn ordered her Guardmice to melt drinking water from ice in the meantime.[Citation needed]

When Sadie, Kenzie and Saxon returned to Lockhaven without Lieam and Celanawe, she sent Kenzie and Saxon back out to find the missing tenderpaw and oldfur.[Citation needed]

Gwendolyn was upset to learn of Celanawe's death. She arranged his funeral, at which she paid her final respects.[Citation needed]

Following the funeral, Saxon professed his love to Gwendolyn, and the two were betrothed.[Citation needed]

Spring of 1153Edit


Gwendolyn in her office during the spring of 1153.

During the spring of 1153, Gwendolyn received word that a brown bear was dangerously near the Mouse Territories. She sent her Guardmice out to gather food with which to placate the predator. She also ordered that the Scent Border be repoured and preparations be made for the induction of new tenderpaws. Gwendolyn was unable to spare any of her mice to search for Lieam, who went missing after Celenawe's death.[10]

Birth of GraceEdit

In 1155, Gwendolyn gave birth to her and Saxon's daughter, Grace. In the winter of 1155, Gwendolyn told Grace "The Tale of of Day Away" to get the young mouse to sleep.[11]

Characteristics and personalityEdit

Gwendolyn had cream-coloured fur and typically wore blue clothing, most commonly a ceremonial gown with a blue cloak, fastened with a brass ring. Although her duties usually saw her behind a desk, she was proficient with her halberd.

Gwendolyn took a professional approach to her duties as Matriarch — although her personal writings disclosed an undercurrent of uncertainty of the future of the Guard as well as some foresight of hardships that may come.


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