Description: A small mouse outpost built of the shores of the North Sea.
Area: North-Eastern end of the Mouse Territories
Citizens: Celanawe, Loukas, Sadie

Frostic is a small outpost built on the shores of the North Sea. Primarily used as a watch tower for the Mouse Guard, Frostic enables sentry mice to spot incoming threats from the seas with ease.

As of the fall of 1152, Frostic consists of a stone pier, a bell and a single underground room chamber. Notable Guardmice, such as Celanawe, Loukas and Sadie have been appointed at Frostic over the seasons.


Sadie's Time at FrosticEdit

Prior to the fall of 1152, the Guardmouse Sadie watched the shorelines of Frostic for many seasons. While there, she improved her skill with a sling by fending of seagulls and other creatures from the ocean.
According to Bowen, a storytelling potter from Barkstone, Sadie encountered a large stampede of caribou at one point during her time at Frostic and was unable to share her experience with other mice until her watch had ended.


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