Frostic was the northern-most outpost utilised by the Mouse Guard in the Mouse Territories.

Located on the shore of the Northern Sea, Frostic was usually occupied by a single Guardmouse and served as a station from which to spot incoming threats from the water.


Frostic was founded some time prior to 1108.[1] It originally comprised a simple and sparsely decorated hole in the ground.[2]

The Guardmouse Celanawe was stationed at Frostic until the spring of 1115. The son of a Lockhaven stonemason, Celanawe rebuilt the outpost as a stone watchtower positioned in the sea just off the beach. Celanawe was unable to complete this project, however, as he was summoned on an important mission before completing the pillars, roof and thatching.[2]

Celanawe's former tenderpaw, Loukas, took over the watch at Frostic following Celanawe's departure.[2] It is presumed he completed the works which Celanawe had started, but it is unknown for how long he was stationed there.

Sometime after Loukas had completed his stationing at Frostic, the Guardmouse Sadie took over. Sadie stayed at Frostic until the winter of 1149 when she was reassigned to regular patrol — likely as a result of the growing threat of the Darkheather weasels in the southwest.[3]



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