"A weaver who started the tradition of cloaked Guardmice"
―The Black Axe, Guide to the Matriarch's Private Chamber

Feruin was a female mouse and a Matriarch of the Mouse Guard.[1] According to mouse folklore, Feruin was the first of the Matriarchs and began the tradition of Guardmice wearing cloaks.

She was married to Faulknir, talented in weaving and was formerly a serf to a falcon. Her wisdom and compassion for Silfano and Sefatus brought the Hawk-mice and Fox-mice together, motivated them to overthrow their masters and form the Mouse Guard faction to protect all of mousekind.

Characteristics and personalityEdit

Feruin had sepia-coloured fur and wore a red hat, white dress and red shawl. She loved her husband very much, but also felt a connection with other mice, including the Fox-mice that the Hawk-mice had come to rival. Her words of wisdom are apparently effective on any mouse.



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