Current: Lockhaven
Past: Unknown
Gender: Male
Fur: Dark Brown
Profession: Mouse Guard
Family: Unknown
Friends: Sienna, Annika, Cerise, Sela, Aeren, Vinson
Book Appearances
Living: Winter 1152, Spring 1153
Dead: N/A

Elymis was a quiet, male mouse and a member of the Guard. He was usually found in Sienna's patrol. Being a skilled scout, Elymis often went ahead of his party, moving silently and observing all signs, sounds and smells which may have helped guide their group away - or in some cases - towards predators and danger. A friend to Midnight before his disastrous plan to take over the Guard, Elymis became distrustful of others; and has since seen the Guard as vulnerable - even from just a single mouse.[1]

During the winter of 1152, Elymis - alongside Annika, Cerise and Sela - were sent to the settlements of Darkwater, Lonepine, Burl, Sandmason and Mapleharbour to gather supplies. Elymis was present at Celanawe's funeral, later that season.[2]

The following spring, Elymis, Aeren and Vinson marked the Scent Border with the concoction made by the science mice of Sprucetuck.[3]


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