Elymis was male mouse and a member of the Guard. During his time in the Guard, he was usually found in Sienna's patrol.

Elymis was a skilled scout and often went ahead of his party, moving silently and observing all signs, sounds and smells which may have helped guide their group away — or in some cases towards — predators and danger.[1]

Elymis was a friend to Midnight before his disastrous plan to take over the Guard in the fall of 1152. Thereafter, Elymis was distrustful of others and saw the Guard as vulnerable, even from just a single mouse.[1]

During the winter of 1152, Gwendolyn sent her Guardmice to various mouse settlements to gather supplies for the larders at Lockhaven. Elymis, Sela, Annika and Cerise were tasked with visiting Darkwater, Lonepine, Burl, Sandmason and Mapleharbour. The group returned to Lockhaven at the end of winter, having secured the necessary supplies.[2]

In the spring of 1153, Gwendolyn directed Elymis, Aeren and Vinson to mark the Scent Border with the concoction made by the science mice of Sprucetuck.[3]


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