Geographical information
Area: Western region of the Mouse Territories
Size: Medium-sized town
Additional information
Notable landmarks: Unknown
Notable citizens: Fenton, Kole

Elmoss is a mouse town found in the western reaches of the Mouse Territories, within a copse of elm trees. Built inside the Territories' largest elm, Elmoss is aptly named for the moss that grows on the tree's trunk, which is renowned for its healing properties.[1]

The mice of Elmoss harvest and deliver most of the moss to Sprucetuck, but trade some of it as a raw commodity. The wood collected from the surrounding elms is also a prized item as it is both water resistant and incredibly strong.


Citizens and societyEdit

Elmoss has a prominent history in harvesting, mainly with wild carrots and tubers. Some crops, such as oats, are planted and cultivated, though many are collected wild. Elmoss imports metal goods, paper, and medicine and generally exports finished wood products and its moss.

A medium sized town, Elmoss is home to trades dealing with carpentry and woodcrafts. Family governors rule as lords of the settlement's trades, though the system's complexity is outdated and burdensome on the population. Though once a hub of food trade, its importance declined after the fall of Walnutpeck, Ferndale, and Woodruff's Grove, during the Winter War of 1149.


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