Delvin was a male mouse and a member of the Mouse Guard.

Delvin was a long-term friend to Rand and a fellow shield-bearer. He also wielded a thick, short sword. Delvin's generosity was well-known throughout the mice of any patrol he had ever served in, and he often put the needs of any other mouse in his party above his own.[1]

The winter of 1152 saw shortages of food and medicine at Lockhaven. Gwendolyn sent patrols of Guardmice to various settlements to secure the necessary supplies. Delvin, Aubrey and Bastian joined a patrol led by Sienna which journeyed to the settlements of Elmwood, Whitepine, Dawnrock, Thistledown and Wildseed. Later that season, Delvin attended Celanawe's funeral ceremony.[2]

During the spring of 1153, Gwendolyn sent Delvin and Bastian to hunt down a snapping turtle near the settlement of Grasslake. Delvin slashed the turtle with his sword while Bastian peppered the reptile with arrows.[3]


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