Description: A large maze of weasel burrows
Area: Under the South-western and Western Mouse Territories
Citizens: Weasels

Darkheather is an abandoned maze of interlocking tunnels. It stands as a horrible monument of cruelty and greed for the mice of the Territories. Much of Darkheather was not excavated by the weasels themselves, but were conquered or abandoned burrows and homes of animals long gone. The weasels decorated their new tunnels with tile-work and the pelts of their slain foes.[1]

Overview Edit

Weasel tile that lines the walls of the tunnels is known for a repetitive pattern of stylized heather clustered in groups of three or six.
There is a room for the bones of the weasels' victims. Their belief is to allow the spirits of the fallen to rise through the ceiling and out into the wild, so they will not remained trapped and haunt their oppressors. "Rise to thy stars above."
Darkheather is hidden under a thick layer of snow and soil.


The Winter WarEdit

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Food Shortages in the TerritoriesEdit

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