Em of Appleloft dismounts her crow friend on the beach at Frostic during the spring of 1115.

The crow is a species of bird present in the Mouse Territories.


The crow is jet-black. It is very intelligent and playful to the point of mischievousness — it will provoke and chase other birds and animals.[1]

The crow is both scavenger and predator. It will eat insects, carrion, berries, and even the odd mouse. At night, murders of crows roost together, but during the day they usually disperse to hunt. The crows builds a platform nest in which it stores bright, shiny objects it has collected.[1]

Notable crowsEdit

  • The mouse Em of Appleloft, who could converse with an all manner of animals, was friendly with a crow to the extent she fit it with a saddle and used it for transport. During the spring of 1115, this crow flew Em to Lockhaven and then to Frostic in search of the Guardmouse Celanawe. The crow waited on the beach at Frostic while Em searched for Celanawe. A group of roaming group of fishers hunted and killed the crow while it awaited its companion's return.[2]


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