Geographical information
Area: Middle part of the Mouse Territories
Size: City
Additional information
Notable landmarks: A large waterfall
Notable citizens: None

Copperwood is a mouse settlement located middle-part of the Mouse Territories. South from Ivydale and Blackrock and East from Elmoss and Spucetuck. The CIty is one of the oldest cities and is built inside and below a large oak to its tallest branches. The upmost parts of the city is planned for the lookout watch for predators, the comings and goings of mice and the weather. Tunnels underneath the oak lead to the waterfall and mines of Copperwood.

The city houses a wide variety of different trades and also does a fair share of harvesting. It's largest trade is mining and smelting of metals, mainly copper.[1]


Citizens and societyEdit

Sprucetuck is managed by a governor and council of elders. Governor leads the democratic bureaucracy and is elected by the council of elders who represent the wide variety of trades in the city. Monetarily, Copperwood uses a coin shared by Elmoss, Sprucetuck, and Walnutpeck - obviously prior to the latter's fall. Copperwood imports food, clothing and other refined goods. It's main export is metal.

Unique featuresEdit

  • Minting - Some metalcraftmen are specialized to the art of minting. Turning the mined metal to coins, they are responsible for manufacturing the coins used in Sprucetuck and Elmoss.


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