Current: Mouse Guard
Past: Port Sumac
Gender: Male
Fur: Grey
Profession: Guardmouse
Family: Unknown
Friends: Celanawe, Em of Appleloft, Sadie
Book Appearances
Living: The Black Axe, Fall 1152
Dead: Fall 1152

Conrad was a male mouse and a member of the Mouse Guard. Although originally a sea-faring mouse, Conrad joined the Guard at an unconventionally older age than most Tenderpaws.[1] After an assorted a life of adventure on his own terms, the peg-legged mouse offered what services he could to the Guard. Preferring the solitary life, Conrad was stationed at Calogero, a seaside outpost, and stayed there until his death.[2]


Quest for the AxeEdit

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Midnight's RebellionEdit

"Speak if yeh wish to keep yer life!"
―Conrad surprises Sadie
Late in Conrad's years at Calogero, during the fall of 1152, he began to suspect that somemouse was using Calogero as a meeting place while he was out. One day, he hid himself in the outpost's rafters, and waited. Soon two mice entered Calogero, one a grain peddler, the other an unknown blackfur. He listened to their conversation, and realized they were hatching a plan to attack Lockhaven. The two mice departed, but before he could follow, he saw another lone figure approach Calogero from the other entrance.
When the lone figure, a young Guardmouse named Sadie, entered the outpost, a drunken Conrad jumped out from the shadows and held her captive with his fishing hook. He then ordered her to tell him who she was. Sadie managed to convince the intoxicated mouse that she was a fellow Guardmouse, and he released her before falling to the ground, unconscious.



Conrad sacrifices himself to save Sadie.

"Take what yeh know to Lockhaven!"
The following morning, Conrad awoke to find Sadie had cooked him soup for breakfast. The younger mouse informed him that he had slept through the entire night, and told him that she had been sent by Gwendolyn to investigate why there had been no ongoing communication from the outpost in months. She then asked why he had threatened her, and he told her about the meeting of the traitorous mice.
The two mice agreed to travel to Lockhaven and inform Gwendolyn of the mutiny, but before they could leave they discovered that Calogero had been surrounded by crabs. They decided to try escape, but they were spotted and a battle ensued. Outnumbered, Conrad realized that they were both going to be killed, meaning Gwendolyn would not get word of the traitorous mice. Thinking quickly, he launched himself onto a nearby crab, and grabbed its eyes, making an effective diversion. He then told Sadie to flee to Lockhaven and protect the greater good, and after she left, he was killed by the crabs.


  • Sadie planned to retrieve Conrad's body from Calogero, but she was stopped by Gwendolyn and forced to wait until winter had passed. It is unknown whether she succeeded in finding it.
  • The epilogue reveales that Conrad died by being impaled by a crab's leg, not being crushed in a pincer as was believed.


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