Current: Barkstone, Owner of Clarke's Cartography
Past: None
Gender: Male
Fur: Brown
Profession: Cartographer
Family: Family
Friends: Friends
Book Appearances
Living: Fall 1152
Dead: None

Clarke is a male brownfur who lives in Barkstone. He owns Clarke's Cartography a store which specializes in making detailed maps of the Territories.


Midnight's RebellionEdit

"Come to join the Axe, eh?"
During the Fall of 1152, Kenzie, Saxon, and Lieam travelled to the western city of Barkstone to investigate the origins of the Map of Lockhaven. After disposing of his cloak and sword, Lieam entered Clarke's Cartography and discovered that Clarke was responsible for supplying the secret Axe Army with propaganda as well as using the upstairs section of the store as The Axe's recruitment room.[2]


  • It seems that Clarke is a regular at the June Alley Inn: in the final issue of Legends of the Guard, Clarke's name is seen at the bottom of June's sheet of over-due bills.

References and CitationsEdit

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  2. Revealed in the Rise of the Axe chapter of Fall 1152
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