"Mouse with axe of black and legend of fable, slay the snake, wolf, fox, and hawk. You may hail anymouse willing and able, a mouse of myth guards the haven of lock."
Mouse Guard Alphabet Book

A young Celanawe wielding the Black Axe.

The Black Axe is a legendary black battle-axe. It was created by the blacksmith Farrer[1] roughly in 915[2] and is widely regarded as one of the deadliest weapons in all the Territories. To most mice it is legendary, but its actual existence is known mostly to Farrer's Descendants. According to Em's family tree, the title was passed down for seven generations. Those who wielded the weapon also share the title "Black Axe".

Known Wielders and Title-bearers[edit | edit source]

References and Citations[edit | edit source]

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