Bats roosting inside Darkheather.

Bats are a species of mammal present in the Territories.

Appearance and CharacteristicsEdit

Though widespread throughout any cave-like dwelling in the territories, a large group of bats took up living in Darkheather, the kingdom of weasels, after it was vacated from the fallout of the Winter War of 1149. Bats have a history of feeling unwelcome by both beasts of fur and feather, neither group accepting their furry bodies and leathery wings. This has led to most bats to become very distrusting of any creature outside of their kind.

Known BatsEdit

In first issue of "Legends of the Guard Volume One", the mouse Tristram tells a tale of his encounter with a downed bat, while he lost in some underground cavern. He carried the wounded bat back to his kind in return for then showing the mouse a way out.


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