Geographical information
Area: Western end of the Mouse Territories
Size: Large city
Resource(s): Glassware, Pottery, Woodwork
Additional information
Established: N/A
Destroyed: N/A
Notable landmarks: June Alley Inn, Clarke's Cartography
Notable citizens: June, Alistair, Clarke

Barkstone is a large mouse city located in the far west region of the Mouse Territories. It is one of the nearest settlements to Darkheather, and as such, is in need of its own personal militia of armed soldiers to protect its citizens from immediate danger.[1]

During the fall of 1152, the traitorous Axe army used Barkstone as the assembly point for a large contingent of its soldiers.



Barkstone's gates were built into the trunk of a locust tree backed up to an outcropping of stone, with the town itself lying inside. Its well-defended location appealed to the common mice of the Territories, and as a result attracted a large amount of citizens; expanding the settlement's boundaries and turning it into a large city. A working-class town, Barkstone is known for being home to artisans and craftsmice - and the residents of Barkstone produce some of the highest quality glass and furniture products in the whole Territories. Barkstone imports a lot of grain and food, though generally only exports handmade goods.[2]

Barkstone is led by a mayor elected from the artisans. He deals with internal disputes and trade from other cities. Commerce is conducted mainly through bartering goods and services. Barkstone does not have its own money, but accepts most other cities' coin.[3] In the municipal department, the Magistrate is responsible for catching and punishing any mice deemed criminals.




Midnight's RebellionEdit

Barkstone-Genealogical Archives

Kenzie, Saxon and Lieam explore Barkstone

During the fall of 1152, the Guardmice Kenzie, Saxon and Lieam ventured into Barkstone to uncover the source of the mysterious map of Lockhaven. After visiting the June Alley Inn to buy refreshments, they then set about exploring the city's stores, questioning to the common mice along the way.
Displeased with the line of questions these Guardmice were directing, the town's militia the followed group; planning on arresting them and throwing them out of the city. Kenzie decided that a distraction was in need, and playing along, Saxon announced to the town a spectacle to behold: a fight between two of Gwendolyn's finest. While the two experienced Guardmice fought, the Tenderpaw Lieam managed to slip away through the crowd. He found a store specialising in map making, the aptly named Clarke's Cartography. Hiding his cloak and sword in a nearby barrel, Lieam entered the store and questioned the owner, Clarke. Lieam discovered that the store was being used as The Axe's recruitment room, and that Clarke was responsible for retrieving the map of Lockhaven.
Meanwhile, the fight between Kenzie and Saxon had grown out of hand, and two of the Axe's members, Lyndon and Thaddeus, lassoed Saxon and then dragged the pair to the outskirts of the city.


During Fall 1154, June had a number of customers in debt, so she held a story-telling competition to allow the winning mouse to clear their bill, while the rest would pay up soon. This competition was delightful, so June made it a tradition and held another one in Spring 1155, which was equally as enjoyable as the first competition. She had a third competition held in Winter 1155, this time with her husband showing up. He found that those competitions brought happiness among the the inn patrons.



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