Apiary keeper
Current: Lockhaven
Past: Unknown
Gender: Male
Fur: Grey
Profession: Apiary Keeper
Family: Unknown
Friends: Saxon, Kenzie, Lieam, Gwendolyn
Book Appearances
Living: Fall 1152, Winter 1152, Spring 1153
Dead: N/A

Apiary keeper was the title given to the caretaker of the beehives at Lockhaven. While he looks after the bees, he harvests some of their honey and wax.


Battle of Lockhaven

"Pray we have enough honey and wax to last through Winter."
―Apiary Keeper, Fall 1152 [1]
When Midnight's army attacked Lockhaven in the fall of 1152, the apiary keeper was asked by a Guardmouse to set the bees onto the soldiers below. After a short discussion, he agreed to help and unleashed the bees on the helpless army below; ultimately winning the fight for the Guard's cause.

Funeral of Celanawe

The apiary keeper was present at Celanawe's funeral during the winter of 1152. He was a part of the procession that brought The Black Axe's body to the pyre, and was carrying a ceremonial smoke-charmer. He wasn't aware of Celanawe's true identity or legacy.[2]
The following spring, the apiary keeper assisted the Guardmice Saxon and Sienna in charming the bees with smoke while the honey was harvested.[3]


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