Current: Willowroot
Past: Unknown
Gender: Male
Fur: Grey
Profession: Blacksmith
Family: Kenzie
Friends: Unknown
Book Appearances
Living: The Tale of the Wise Weaver
Dead: N/A

Ailfrid is a male mouse and the smithy of Willowroot. He forged the famed Sword of Loukas.


Raising KenzieEdit

"Dream of better things than making beasts bleed for our own survival."
―Ailfrid to Kenzie
Ailfrid's son, Kenzie knew from an early age that he wanted to join the ranks of the Mouse Guard. Ailfrid supported Kenzie's choice, but wanted Kenzie to be a better Guardmouse than one who killed for mouse-kind's survival. To persuade his son, he told him the Tale of the Wise Weaver, a story about a common Weaver Mouse who defeated the predators threatening his village using his intelligence.
Kenzie took this message to heart, and when he joined the Guard, he focused on improving his intellect rather than his fighting


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